I don’t always take my camera to family gatherings but I have started taking it on holidays and making everyone stop for a few pictures. Last Sunday, I took my camera with me to lunch at my aunt's house. I wanted to make sure I got a picture of Miller and his cousins in the Easter outfits my grandmother, who we call "MeeMaw," purchased for them, and I also wanted a picture of MeeMaw and Papa with their four great-grandchildren.

The picture of MeeMaw and Papa with their great-grands (above) isn't perfect, but it wound up being one of my favorites of the day! After getting pictures of them and the kids, I decided to keep my camera out and managed to get a few more pictures of the four kiddos and the rest of my family before we all sat down for lunch.

After lunch, the kids had their egg hunt and we had a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny! Everyone loved taking pictures with the Easter Bunny...well, almost everyone! Haha!

It was a wonderful day filled with the things I love most: food, family, and fun! I am so glad I decided to take my camera and to get some photos of the day. They're not perfect, but the joy and love captured in them make me so happy.