A family of five in front of a building at New Ebenezer Retreat Center near Savannah, Georgia.

On the last weekend of mini-sessions at the Christmas Tree Farm, nasty respiratory sickness hit our house! My husband and son both got the flu, and I came down with a flu-like illness but tested negative for everything they tested me for. It was MISERABLE! In 11 years in business, that's the first time something like that has ever happened to me. Thankfully, I had some AMAZING families scheduled for sessions who were very understanding. I reached out to New Ebenezer Retreat Center and added in one last day of sessions out there to fit in the affected families and to squeeze in a few who reached out last minute.

If you've never been out to the Retreat Center, you're missing out. It is beautiful! For me, it's super special because it's where my husband and I had our wedding reception. We took our engagement pictures on the property and then also took some photos after our wedding there too!

Although it was unseasonably warm that day, and we spent most of our time there running from mosquitos, I had a great time with all of the families who came out, and we got some really fantastic pictures!

Rincon family photography session at New Ebenezer Retreat Center.
Rincon, GA family photographer
New Ebenezer Retreat Center photography