What are heirloom portraits?

In the South, family and tradition are woven into the very fabric of our culture. Heirloom portraits have long been a cherished tradition, symbolizing the passing down of family legacy through the artistry of photography. Each portrait is a masterpiece that not only freezes a moment in time but also becomes a tangible link between the past, present, and future.

Heirloom portraits typically feature children in sweet, smocked dresses, bubbles, dresses, or shirts with Peter Pan collars. Traditionally, the photographs are taken as a bust portrait, most often with a white background, and are completed with great attention to detail and a white vignette in post-processing. While many heirloom photographers deliver photographs only in black and white, some (me!) also offer color as well. Personally, I love having a color option in addition to black and white!  

These are portraits that are meant to be displayed in the home and passed down for generations, so many photographers offer only printed products for clients to purchase. I recognize we live in a digital age, and while I want you to have beautiful artwork to display in your home, I also understand wanting a digital copy as well. With this in mind, there are four collections that have been created for these portrait sessions, each with different combinations of printed and digital artwork.

Why heirloom portraits?

I decided to start offering these sessions because I love the simplicity of them. By taking away all of the distractions, you get to focus just on your child, their sweet little features, and their precious expressions. However, parents choose heirloom portraiture for more than just a beautiful image--they want an enduring legacy captured in the most genuine way possible. These portraits, carefully crafted with love and attention to detail, become a living testament to the laughter, joy, and innocence of childhood. It's not just a photograph; it's a piece of your family's history, a story waiting to be told and passed down.

Would you like pictures like this of your children?

You can schedule a private portrait session for your child, or reserve a spot at one of my heirloom portraits events listed below.

Rincon, Georgia

  • When: Friday, April 26, 2024
  • Where: Patty Cakes Children's Boutique (inside Merle Norman)
  • Booking fee: $100
  • Includes: 10-minute session, session planning guide (including guidance on wardrobe and full artwork pricing details), online proofing gallery, $100 collection credit towards any artwork collection, and video chat viewing and artwork design consultation.

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Can't make the local event and want to schedule a private portrait session for your child? Scroll down and fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page. Please let me know in the message box if there's a specific time frame you are aiming for, and I'll get all the information sent over for you.

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Matted album with color heirloom portraits of a boy with red hair taken in home in Savannah, GA.

Artwork Collections

Collection prices shown are before applying the $100 collection credit from the sitting fee.

The Legacy Collection

$1500 + tax

  • One trio panel frame (includes three matted 5x7s)
  • One 4x6 matted album with 6 mats
  • One 8x10 fine art print mounted on foam board
  • Three 5x7 fine art prints mounted on foam board
  • All digital image files (each in color and black and white)

The Heirloom Collection

$720 + tax

  • One 5x7 framed fine art print
  • One 8x10 fine art print mounted on foam board
  • One 5x7 fine art print mounted on foam board
  • Five digital image files (each in color and black and white)

The Keepsake Collection

$380 + tax

  • One 5x7 fine art print matted to 8x10
  • Two 5x7 fine art prints mounted on foam board
  • Three digital image files (each in color and black and white)

The Memento Collection

$200 + tax

  • One 5x7 fine art print matted to 8x10
  • One digital image file (in color and black and white)


What does the booking fee include?

A.Your session time, a session planning guide, a $100 collection credit to the artwork collection of your choice, and a viewing and design consultation by video chat.

What is the "collection credit" that is included in the booking fee?

A.The collection credit is a $100 credit that you can put towards any of the four artwork collections available for heirloom portrait sessions. If you were to apply your $100 collection credit to the Memento collection, for example, which is $200, you would get the collection for $100.

Can I purchase artwork á la carte?

A.Yes! There is an opportunity to purchase many different items á la carte!

Are payment plans available for artwork purchases?

A.Yes! Payment plans are available upon request, and I am happy to set one up for you if you request it.

Can sibling portraits be done?

A.Yes! To make sure there is enough time, please book a spot for each child. We will get individual pictures of each of them, and then will get a sibling portrait, too!

What is a viewing and design consultation?

A.A viewing and design consultation is a video chat with me to view your images and to help you choose the artwork you'd like to purchase from the photographs in your proofing gallery. I can help you design wall groupings, albums, and I can also offer my professional opinion on what will look best in the space you plan to display your portraits.

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